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Обменять Perfect Money на Litecoin

History of Perfect Money has more than 10 years, first cryptocurrency Bitcoin appeared at the dawn of the payment system, the majority of users of electronic currency has become necessary to exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin, to assess the possibility of cryptocurrency and its benefits. But trust funds anonymous services on the Internet is not safe, so was the question arises how to implement secure exchange. The answer is simple — just use the certified exchangers Perfect Money. Our exchanger is one of the proven services security service Perfect Money, we have a Premium purse, with a rating of more than 300 units of TS (at the time of writing), it is natural that this figure is growing. This rating takes into account the volume of purchased and sold assets, registration deadline accounts and many other positive factors influencing the rating of the account.

Why is the entire list of certified exchangers should choose our service:

  1. Automation — we implement automatic exchange of Perfect Money on Bitcoin and vice versa.
  2. Security — We use SSL security certificate from COMODO company, which allows to transmit data over an encrypted connection between your browser and our site.
  3. A good reputation — we do not have any negative feedback, we are honest and carry out its work.

How to exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin:

An exchange transaction takes place quickly and easily, you must perform all 3 steps on the way to their cherished crypto coin.

  • Creating order — simply enter the amount of the exchange, your wallet Perfect Money, purse Bitcoin address, and email address E-Mail to receive notification about the status of the application.
  • Go to the payment application by clicking on "Go to payment", login to your account and confirm the payment PM.
  • Check enrollment Bitcoin coins on your wallet.

Please note that funds for the Bitcoin wallet are sent immediately, however, appear on the balance sheet can not immediately (depending on the client wallet you are using), due to the fact that the application must receive confirmation of the network Bitcoin (get into the unit), it takes some time from several minutes to several hours, depending on the network load Bitcoin. But you can check the transaction on your wallet in Blockchain.

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21.10.2019, 23:18